This live phenomenon has been blowing minds in rock clubs around the globe and is thrilled to unleash their most important, resounding songs to you right here, right now!

Growing up in Cleveland, brothers Simon and Julian Palombi started at a very early age. Relocating to Orlando, FLA in 2010 for sun and fun they soon met up with Jacob Miller at college and the Woolly Bushmen were formed. Over the past five years, they cut their teeth touring and playing with many notable acts like Southern Culture on the Skids, The Dexter Romweber Duo, King Khan, The Black Lips, Ty Segall, The Beat, The Fleshtones & Gringo Star. Their Pig Baby debut LP "ARDUINO" was produced by Rick Miller of Southern Culture on the Skids and the record really floored the Pigs at the label and we are very excited to have them as part of the pig pen!


Deadbolt™ is a rock band from San Diego, California, U.S.A... They describe themselves as "The Scariest Band in the World." Deadbolt's music combines surf rock, goth, psychobilly and blues sound with unusual and offbeat lyrics, a style the band dubbed "voodoobilly." The band is known for its use of power tools during their live sets, and it is customary to be showered with sparks of red-hot metal during their live shows. Pig Baby is very happy to announce we will be reissuing and remastering their back catalog for vinyl. Look for all the latest on Deadbolt right here!

Centered around the Jagger/Richards esque creative partnership of Ryan Palshis (rhythm guitar / vocals) and Nick Dehmlow (lead guitar) Flesh Panthers made their vinyl debut in early 2014 via Tall Pat Records. The 7" ep sold out very quickly as the band became well known for their raucous live shows around the Chicago DIY house show scene. 2015 saw the band release their first full length on Tall Pat and through supporting tours the band began to develop a national fan base. It was with 2016's Willows Weep on Maximum Pelt Records that Flesh Panthers awoke spiritually. Drawing influences heavily from The Kinks, CCR, Banquet era Stones and The Flying Burrito Brothers the band show they can comfortably experiment with different styles. Flesh Panthers are hard at work recording songs for their third album due out spring 2018 on Pig Baby Records.

With much speculation and a shady deal, that went down in a North Carolina payphone at 12:15am, the chicken blood started flying with fury, the mystery lives along with the music.

Since 2004, Light FM have released 6 full lengths and one EP on digital and CD formats, but have never put anything out on vinyl. We here at PIG BABY Records are gonna change that and are proud to announce their 1st ever vinyl single of two of our favorite songs by them “Let the Death Toll Rise" b/w "Body Bag”. Remastered for vinyl by wiz Dave Gardner at Infrasonic Sound. Limited to only a 500 copies, with beautiful art work. 

Great band out of Seattle who brings the fury live with well-crafted songs. We are very happy to have them as part of the Pig Baby family. These guys rock! Look for them on tour this year!


Stephen El Rey has been a fixture on the southern California music scene for years, playing in a lot of great bands. Now he is busting out of the gates going solo with his 1st single. We here at Pig Baby feel he is a very unique singer songwriter. Growing up, Rey's maternal grandparents owned two jukeboxes that were constantly playing in their living room.  It's no wonder Rey caught the rock 'n' roll bug early on. Look for his debut single on Pig Baby this year.


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